Community Child Care carefully screens home child care providers through interviews, home assessments, references and documentation. We select providers for their child care skills and their ability to organize experiences that support and encourage children’s development.

Our providers offer the children a safe, inclusive and stimulating early learning environment.


Child care providers and all adults regularly in their homes have clear police records checks for the vulnerable sector, uphold the regulations set by the Child Care and Early Years Act, and adhere to Community Child Care policies and procedures. Our providers have Standard First Aid and CPR training.

Child-Specific Training

Providers who care for a child with a life-threatening allergy are trained in the use of an auto-injector and review emergency procedures regularly. Providers who care for children with other special needs receive appropriate training to enhance the safety and well being of the child and the other children in the home.

Professional Development

Many of our providers pursue professional development opportunities. Several have completed an Early Childhood Education program. The agency supports and encourages all providers to attend workshops and conferences to enhance their knowledge of child development, nutrition, literacy, and anything else that will help them provide quality care for the children.

Providers are familiar with the Ministry of Education’s Early Learning for Every Child Today curriculum. They also take the Ministry’s How Does Learning Happen? pedagogy into account when planning their programs. Providers recognize that the four pillars: belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression are important in a child’s development. These ways of being are a vision for all children’s future potential and a view of what they should experience each and every day.