Thanks to our providers who came out to a meeting on a beautiful summer evening July 20, 2017 to talk paperwork! Almost half of our providers were able to attend!
The main topic discussed was that providers now have to collect all the same information for their private children as they do for children in care through the agency. Because they are self-employed, providers may use any forms they wish, but the agency provided generic forms they can use or adapt as they wish.
The agency appreciates the continued cooperation our providers have given us in all the demands of the new act and regulations. We are privileged to work with such wonderful people.

We are pleased to have been able to place our first family needing fee assistance since the subsidy freeze began to thaw in mid-March. This family with three children applied for care and subsidy in August 2016.
It has been a long wait, but they are finally secure with a wonderful child care provider.

Thank You to our providers for all they do for the children and families in their care. We got together with our providers for a potluck supper May 18, 2017 to show our appreciation for them and to celebrate their unflagging interest and energy in the field of early childhood learning and care.

Apply for your Police Check on-line! You might not even have to go to the police office in person! Get all the details at:

Clients with Subsidy: The City of Ottawa recently informed us that families in receipt of subsidy must use continuous care. In years past some families suspended care for a few months if, for example, the parents were not working in the summer. Parents would spend time with their children, the agency would not bill the city for that time, and the city would not keep any payments that had been made for the time the children were not in care.

This is no longer permitted. Families who do not require care for an extended period now continue to pay their fee to the city each month and must use their bank of allowed paid days away for any days their children do not attend. Children in care full-time have 36 days for vacation or sick days. The bank for children in care part-time is prorated. Children who exceed their bank of sick/vacation days must pay the full fee to the city for each additional day they use.

The only other option is to be discharged from the subsidy system and re-apply for subsidy when care is again needed. At present the city is allowing only the very highest city-wide priority children to be placed in care even though the family may be eligible to receive subsidy. Our agency has not been able to place any children with subsidy since October 2016.

We were delighted to meet prospective home child care providers at an informal orientation April 20, 2017. They all had given serious thought to both the challenges and joys of caring for children and seemed ready to proceed with the requirements for working in the licensed sector. A successful evening!

EPIPEN Recall: Pfizer Canada has recalled some EpiPens, both adult and junior versions. For the specific lot numbers and expiry dates go to The affected EpiPens may not work and should be replaced immediately.

After a freeze that lasted five and a half months, the city began to flow subsidies again March 15, but very slowly. As children leave the subsidy system, money will be freed up for those who are the highest on the city’s priority list. Most children and families in need will still have to wait.

Early in February 2017 two of our staff members completed advanced training in facilitating cross-cultural change and are ready to use their newfound understanding in training modules and communities of practice. This excellent training is offered by Hire Immigrants Ottawa and is open to employers and others working with a diverse group or hoping to expand the understanding of diversity of their organizations.

The Agency has decided not to raise fees in January 2017.